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herringbone teeth

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herringbone teeth

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  • Date of release:2022/01/19
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Diameter: D≤2000mm

Modulus: 1≤M≤16

The following ATV gears, gear customization and Zhejiang automobile gear manufacturers will talk about the chamfering effect of automobile gears. gear shaft

1. Reduce the noise of automobile gear transmission

The chamfering is the chamfering along the tooth profile and the tooth direction, which removes sharp corners and burrs. The double arc gear reducer avoids bumps in the production process and causes the tooth surface to bulge, which affects the meshing accuracy and generates noise.

2. Travel meshing accuracy, reduce meshing impact

The tooth top chamfer avoids the interference between the tooth top and the tooth root when the gear pair meshes and drives, and avoids the meshing impact.

3. Reduce the stress convergence of heat treatment

Chamfering can effectively avoid the oxidation and decarburization of the gear teeth in the heat treatment carburizing and quenching, and at the same time, it can avoid and eliminate the occurrence of quenching cracks or cracking of the gears in the heat treatment carburizing and quenching.

4. Beautiful and safe

The chamfer is not only the beauty of the traveling gear, but also avoids scratching the operator during the production process and installation of the automobile gear.

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